This Brazilian child, who is just 8 years old and has become the world’s youngest astronomer after assisting NASA in the discovery of seven asteroids, says that she…

Nicole Oliveira takes parts in astronomy workshops and, with the help of her parents and an astronomy instructor, she observes the night sky and reports any new findings to NASA.

So far, she has identified 18 asteroids that were not known to exist before. Due to this, she is 10 years younger than the previous individual who held the record to be documented as detecting a new asteroid.

Nicole is a member of the International Astronomical Search Collaboration, which works with the Brazilian Ministry of Science and NASA to raise more people’s knowledge of astronomy in the general population.

In reference to her asteroid finds, Nicole states the following:

“I’ll give them the names of Brazilian scientists or members of my family, such as my mother or father,” adds the author. “I’ll give them the names of Brazilian scientists or members of my family.”

Nicole’s astronomy teacher, Heliomarzio Rodrigues Moreira, made the following observation on the little girl:

“She has an acute awareness of the events transpiring in her immediate environment. She is able to identify asteroids quite quickly in the images, and she usually offers her pupils advice when they are unclear as to whether or not they have seen any.”

Zilma Janaca, Nicole’s mother, claims that her daughter has always been fascinated by the cosmos, and her bedroom is filled out with space posters and figures from the Star Wars franchise.

Since she was four years old, Nicole had a strong desire to own a telescope, and she and her father had been putting money up in order to get one. As soon as she had the telescope in her possession, she started conducting observations of the night sky.

She now maintains a channel on YouTube, where she posts recordings of her work and encourages other children to pursue a career in the field. When asked about her plans for the future, she says:

“If I could build anything, it would be rockets. I would want to go to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, where NASA is located, and see their rockets. Additionally, I want for young people in Brazil to have access to many scientific fields.”

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