Tips on how to manage a Disney trip with your kids… Check it out…

Even a short Disney trip can quickly become stressful, therefore a travel expert in TikTok has given a parenting technique that can make your trip more manageable.

One of her most common tips is to be able to locate your stroller quickly after visiting attractions such as the Haunted Mansion, Matterhorn, Splash Mountain, and many more at Disney World, given that, as she explained, “your stroller may not be in the same location as when you left it when you get off an attraction,”

She also stated that by “putting a  balloon or a colorful ribbon, you may easily distinguish your stroller from the crowd of other strollers.”

“With the help of a balloon, you can keep track of your stroller” – it seems to be straightforward, doesn’t it? That, however, is not the case.

Another tip from her was to “get one of those shoe organizer things, cut off the bottom, and connect it to your stroller for easier management.”

Later, she asked her followers to provide further advice on how to effectively keep track of a stroller when visiting Disney World and the followers did not fail to impress.

Some suggested to “hide an AirTag someplace on it” – it’s simple, but it’s brilliant!

Another follower suggested to “bring a stroller rain cover with you” and , actually, that piece of advice will come in helpful if you find yourself in the midst of the very common unexpected Florida rains during your Disney vacation.

Another suggestion was to attach light sticks to your stroller so that you can quickly locate it once the sun goes down, so you should make the handle more visible by wrapping it with neon tape to make it more noticeable amongst the other strollers.

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