Tom Holland, who plays Spider-Man in the movie franchise, is keeping a promise he made to Bridger Walker for protecting his sister from…

After seeing how fiercely Bridger Walker protected his younger sister from an ambush by a dog, the actor Tom Holland, who plays Spider-Man in the movie franchise, made a pledge to the little kid. And now, he’s making good on the promise he made while working on the set of Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Bridger Walker, now seven years old, gained national attention when he was only six years old, he sprang in front of a pursuing dog to rescue his sister.

Tom Holland, an actor who has been in many Spider-Man films, was inspired by the brave act the little child performed. Bridger received praise from Tom for his courage, and Tom asked Bridger and his family to visit the set of the most recent Spider-Man movie.

Robert, Bridger’s father, took to Instagram to talk about his family’s time spent working on the set. There, he displayed films and photographs of his children interacting with the actors and crew of the program that he was working on.

Tom showed Bridger how to web swing, taught him Spider-hallmark Man’s action, and even gave Bridger his very own Spider-Man mask.

According to Robert, Tom Holland and the other cast members of Spider-Man “made our kids feel like stars.” He went on to say, “After some time had passed, Tom and Zendaya showed up here. The compassion and generosity that they exhibited to our children is something that I will never forget.

My daughter, who is in her teenage years, informed me that Zendaya came up to her right away and complimented her on her nails.

I don’t know if she will ever realize how much that little gesture meant to me — to witness my beautiful daughter beam with delight and self-assurance because of what she has accomplished.”

What a wonderful day it was for Bridger and his family to work on the set!

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