Two teenagers spot a beautiful girl in the backseat of a car. Then they realized something was wrong

We all have days where nothing goes as scheduled.

That is what happened to two teenagers who saved a life.

The men in question are Jamal Harris and Aaron Arias.
Aaron and Jamal were regular men on their way to pick up a coworker.

While they were there, though, something sparked their curiosity.

When they were stopped at a red light near Seagoville, another car followed them.

Their gaze was drawn to a beautiful girl in the backseat.

Naturally, the two exchanged “She’s fairly cute” comments until the mood changed to “Something’s not right.”

The kid was afraid, and the man in the driver’s seat didn’t appear too pleased with all the attention she was getting.
The man behind the wheel gave them a suspicious look. The girl’s lips were then read by Jamal.

“Help me,” she was pleading.
The two understood it wasn’t a prank this time. They didn’t have long to contemplate before the car sped off.

The girl began tapping on the rear window, clearly distressed and scared.
That was all the indication the boys needed. Someone was in terrible danger, and no one else was available to assist. Their colleague could wait.

Aaron called the police and informed them of what they had just observed. They were witnessing a kidnapping.

The youths then proceeded to follow the car for the next half hour. The driver soon realized he was being followed.

The motorist pressed down on it and turned rapidly to shake it off. Aaron went into considerable depth.

They’d move about a lot, and they’d go very, really fast, to the point where we couldn’t see them. Then we’d catch up, and they’d take their time.

This man was fully aware that he would be unable to leave.
Aaron and Jamal, on the other hand, were oblivious. In actuality, Jamal stated:

I was relieved because I knew someone would stop them.

And then it was finished. The police arrived finally.

The sight of justice being administered captivated the young men.
They were relieved to see the officer pull the man out of the car.

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