Video: A Boogie-Woogie Cover of “Rock Around the Clock” Performed by a Couple Mesmerizes the Audience…

The crowd was blown away by the swing dance duo Sondre and Tanya’s boogie woogie rendition of “Rock Around the Clock.”

The year 2015 marked the beginning of their collaboration, and ever since then, they had been competing, instructing, and performing boogie woogie all throughout Europe and even farther afield.

They have won 10 Globe Cups in different parts of the world, making them the most successful swing dance couple on YouTube.

The duo was seen spontaneously doing the boogie woogie to the tune of “Rock Around the Clock.”

The crowd gathers around them and cheers them on as they masterfully move about and execute their dance.

It is performed with enthusiasm and excitement, and everyone in attendance is entertained with each step of the dance.

They do this with a lot of enthusiasm in order to convey their enthusiasm for swing dancing in general and boogie woogie in particular.

They have also begun hosting their very own dance event, which is known as Boogie Feet’s Festival in Norway, with the goal of motivating and bringing together swing dancers from a variety of nations.

The duo has also developed a sizable online community in which members share their enthusiasm for dance across a number of different online platforms.

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