Video: A man who saved a stranger who had fallen into an electric line at the risk of his own life was presented with a unique gift…

Anthony Perry, a resident of Chicago, is being honored for preventing the loss of another individual who had fallen onto an electric line in the Chicago subway system. One philanthropist and businessman presented him with a 2008 Audi A6 as part of the celebration commemorating his brave actions.

Anthony, who was just 20, put his life in danger to save the other person, but he wasn’t thinking about himself at the moment. Instead, he concentrated on getting him away from the rails as quickly as possible.

He remembered his thoughts at the time and said, “I don’t believe I was thinking about what may happen to me at the moment. The question was more about what steps I needed to take in order to bring about a peaceful resolution to the matter.

I was a bit taken aback by that. I genuinely felt it throughout my whole body, but I did not allow it to deter me in any way.” The unfortunate event took place on a Sunday afternoon in the Chicago neighborhood of Greater Grand Crossing, specifically at the 69th Street Red Line CTA Station.

After getting into a dispute with another passenger, the guy, who was 32 years old, fell over the tracks. The second commuter, who was dressed in a black jacket with a hood and hurried away from the incident and exited the station.

Identification efforts are still being undertaken by the investigators. Anthony rushed onto the train tracks in an effort to save the guy who was being electrocuted as soon as he saw it happening. When he pulls the guy away from the rail, his contact on the man’s body causes him to take a little step backward.

The individual who videotaped the event described the experience as “absolutely otherworldly.” The guy who was electrocuted was sent to the University of Chicago Hospital for treatment, and his prognosis is positive.

“I was thinking about how I would want people to treat me if it were me in that scenario.”

During the ceremony that was held in his honor, Early Walker gave him the keys to his brand new automobile. “There has to be more individuals like you in this world,” stated Early.

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