Video: A woman is in tears as the employees refuse to touch her in a nail salon…

Going to the salon may be really relaxing and enjoyable for a lot of individuals.

Those who spend money at a salon have earned the right to have a pleasant experience and to feel good about who they are, however, Jeniffer Dreyer Brown’s visit to the manicure shop resulted in her being reduced to tears and embarrassment.

The intention of Drown’s visit to a Happy Nails salon in Laguna Niguel, was for her to indulge in some self-care and have a nice time. The only things she wanted were a decent pedicure and a manicure, and the salon had already promised to give her with such services in the past, so she could have what she wanted.

Brown has a skin ailment called discoid lupus, which, in essence, causes her to be allergic to the sun, but as the day was particularly hot, she was exposed to it.

It is not something that can be properly prevented by umbrellas or sunscreen, and when it is hot out, she gets flares and redness on her skin. Brown made the decision to dress for the heat by donning a sundress, which highlighted the scars and blemishes that were already present on her skin.

She didn’t give it much thought until the unfortunate event that transpired during her visit to the hairdresser.

At first, everything seemed to be operating well, and Brown was even able to have a pedicure done, however, as soon as the employees at the salon paid closer attention to Brown’s complexion, they refused to provide any additional services to her.

This occurred despite the fact that Brown is a frequent customer at the Happy Nails company and Brown immediately realized that they were talking about her as soon as the crew started discussing various matters between themselves.

After some time had passed, a member of the staff eventually told her that in place of the service that they had initially promised to do for her, they would only be prepared to make a simple polish change for her.

They informed her that they didn’t have enough employees available, that they had a lot of work, and that they didn’t have much time to go through appointments, even though numerous members of staff could be seen wandering about and not doing anything at all.

At some point, it was explained to Brown that the primary reason they did not want to serve her was because of the color of her skin. She showed them her hands and said there were no rashes or markings on them, but the employees argued that they were more worried about all of the other portions of her body.

Brown, who was now filled with guilt, emerged from the room and then shared the video on Facebook, in which she discusses how disappointed and wounded she was by the incident.

She cried as she said that she felt highly embarrassed and accused the organization of fabricating a variety of falsehoods and coming up with reasons before being honest with her.

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