Video: After being told she would never walk or have children, a pregnant woman who is disabled walks down the aisle at her wedding, leaving everyone in tears…

In this heartwarming news story, a bride who was paralyzed as a child is able to walk down the aisle after being told by the doctors that she would never walk again.

In addition, many predicted that she would never have any more children, despite the fact that she is now expecting her second kid. And the incredible story of Brittney Bedwell serves as a powerful reminder of why we should never give up!

In the year 2017, Brittney Bedwell and her little son were engaged in a terrible accident involving an ATV. The doctors compiled a lengthy list of activities that Brittney should never do again.

On the day of her wedding, the physically challenged bride will experience a moment of triumph that has been years in the making: she will walk down the aisle! She recalled how a physician had informed her that she would never be able to walk again, but she had refused to accept the news.

Brittney’s resolve to ignore the physician’s prognosis became stronger with time. And she set directly to work on accomplishing a goal that at first glance seemed to be impossible.

As a result of meeting and then marrying Glen Hitchcock, Brittney’s yearning became even more intense. The expectant bride’s hope that she would be able to walk down the aisle at her wedding served only to strengthen her resolve.

Brittney said. “It was incredibly meaningful to me because I got to see my sisters walk across the aisle with [our father], and I knew I wanted wanted to accomplish that”. Brittney Bedwell did not give up despite the challenges she faced.

When the big day finally came, everyone stopped what they were doing to watch Brittney as she made her way down the aisle. “When I looked out into the crowd, everyone was sobbing, and I was just surprised that they were all there for me and Glen,” Brittney Bedwell said.

Those who were there to see it had a very emotional experience as a result, however, it isn’t even the only miraculous occurrence that this extraordinary pair has been a part of!

Due to the injuries she had in the ATV accident, the doctors told Brittney that she would never be able to have another child by natural means, however, t he happy couple will soon become parents!

In addition, Brittney hopes that others will be moved and inspired by her story.

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