Video: Couple decided to adopt these three brothers after learning what they’ve gone through, “we did not want to adopt, but we just could not otherwise, we fell in love as…”

Three of these boys, Bryson, Brody, and Wesley, were previously part of the foster care system in Alexandria, Kentucky. They were going from one foster family to another during their time there.

They had gone through a rough patch with their family, and they desperately wanted a place that they could finally call their own.

When they were only 7, 8, and 9 years old in 2018, the boys worried that the longer they remained in foster care, the greater the likelihood that they would be separated from one another.

To everyone’s good, two brave individuals located nearby did all in their ability to save the youngsters and ensure that they remained united as a group.

Even though Hollie and Bryan Schroers already had three adult children and one kid who was just 12 years old at the time, they were able to create place in both their house and their hearts for some significant new additions to the family.

When Hollie and Bryan found out about what had happened to Bryson, Brody, and Wesley, they were determined to do all in their power to guarantee that the three boys would be together for the rest of their lives.

At the time, they did not want to have any more children, but they understood that these two small boys were always destined to be a part of their family. Therefore, the Schroers brought three more people into their small apartment, providing the children with a place to live permanently.

What was supposed to be a short-term arrangement for three brothers has turned into the place they will always call home.

Hollie described the situation as follows: “They were living at a hotel with their biological parents, and it was just one room with all of the kids, and there was a lot of other things that was going on.

We really didn’t want to adopt, but we sort of fell in love with them,” the adoptive parents said.

At long last, in the month of December of that year, Bryson, Brody, and Wesley were presented with the very finest present a child could hope to receive for Christmas: a house to call their own, moreover, the event was carried out in grand fashion.

The Campbell County courthouse in Newport, Kentucky, was the venue where celebrations took place. Hollie said that “It’s really a huge day—almost like a wedding—taking on some new folks, forming a whole new family.”

“They’ve been through a lot in their lives. Therefore, they finally understand that ‘We’re here to stay, and nobody can take us away from this place anymore.'”

The fact that they now had parents “who take care of them” was extremely exciting for the three little boys since it meant that they had finally found a home where they would be looked after.

Wesley said, “We get to live with another family that will last forever. They are just fantastic.”

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