Video: Son says, “parents were supporting one another with one healthy body and one healthy mind and could not exist separately,” so he came up with this idea…

This son decided to create a little living space for his aging parents in the basement of his own home.

Schon Miller became aware that his parents, Bonnie and George Miller, who were both 87 years old, were having a harder time moving about in their own house as a result of his father’s growing forgetfulness and his mother’s series of falls that left her wounded.

Despite the fact that they had pleasure in living on their own, Miller did not want them to move into a retirement home since they need further help.

Although Miller and his wife did search for a new house with a separate living area at initially, they ultimately found that none of the options were suitable., instead, they made the decision to renovate the whole of the basement of their house.

They did the necessary renovations to bring the house up to their parents’ expectations.

Handrails and furniture that is at the appropriate height have been included into the renovation, making it not only a beautiful space but also one that is organized and intended to facilitate the safety and mobility of both of the parents.

Miller said: “We had been discussing it with our mother for some time since we were aware that they were supporting one another with one healthy body and one healthy mind. Because one cannot exist independently without the other, we were hoping to avoid placing either of them in a nursing facility.”

The parents’ excitement and delight at their new house is impossible to conceal in the footage of the big reveal.

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