Video: The boy got into trouble at school… See what his father did…

It’s remarkable what children can do when they are encouraged and supported by their peers and adults.

The creative abilities of a kid might reveal themselves at a very early age. It is the responsibility of their parents or guardians to encourage and develop such skill.

Joe is a person you should get to know: nine years old, has discovered his passion at a young age and is even making a living from it.

His passion even got him in unpleasant situation at the  school when his instructor caught him sketching in class and questioned him for doing so.

Following that occurrence, Joe’s parents enrolled him in an after-school art program to allow him to further develop his artistic abilities and he  performed well in it.

Joe’s instructor saw his skill and decided to share it with the world by posting his drawings on Instagram.

Joe’s teacher’s post was seen by a local restaurant owner, who contacted Joe’s family and asked him to come in and draw on their walls as part of their décor.

Joe’s father picked him up after school and took him to the restaurant, where he received his payment and where now the walls are covered with his hand-drawn creatures and structures, as well as everything else that came to him while he was eating lunch.

Joe got a tremendous amount of attention after making the headlines. His parents have put up a website and social media profiles to assist him in showcasing his work, and  will soon be possible to purchase some of his creations via his website.

In the video below, you can see how Joe’s family helped him develop his gift, which is now attracting the attention of many.

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