Video: The homeless guy who became known as “piano man” thanks to the internet is now a famous musician and will play at an NFL game in front of 70,000 people…

Donald Gould, who is currently in his 50s, was a fully developed musician with a lot of skill, however, no one was aware of that. Not until the initiative taken by the community’s administration to increase the amount of music available there was successful.

In 2015, the Sarasota Keys Piano Project, which was started by the Arts and Cultural Alliance of Sarasota County, positioned a number of pianos for the general public to play in various locations across downtown Sarasota.

And Gould would never, ever pass up the opportunity to play it for anything. Gould, who was born in Michigan, didn’t waste any time after seeing all of the pianos before trying his hand at playing one of them.

Gould sat down and started playing the song “Come Sail Away” by Styx while he was just wearing an old singlet, a pair of trousers, and his hair was in a messy condition.

His spur-of-the-moment performance captivated the audience, which marked the beginning of a whole new chapter in his life. Gould earned a degree in music while attending college, served in the United States Marine Corps playing the clarinet, and is skilled at playing the drums.

Even if he had just learned it when he was younger, it is obvious that he has never forgotten it.

The homeless guy was apparently telling a few young kids who stopped to praise his playing that he had to learn how to play every instrument, from the piccolo all the way down to the tuba.

Gould began getting work offers after the cellphone film of him playing the piano included an interview that racked up around 3 million views. One of the job offers was to perform the National Anthem in front of 70,000 NFL fans at a San Francisco 49ers game.

The once homeless guy rose to fame not just in his community but also on a global scale, which ultimately led him to a new romantic interest.

Gould genuinely wanted to do something kind for Sabine Perez’s disabled kid, so she asked him to play him some soothing music. She had spoken with him via a letter, and around seven months later, he had responded to her.

Due to the events that followed, Perez is now Gould’s partner. The duo presently resides in Germany, where they have been on German television and is also making records together in addition to performing together in public.

Gould has just discovered success, but he does not let it make him forget the things that created him the guy he is today.

In 2017, Gould went back to his “lucky” piano and performed “Come Sail Away” once again at that location.

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