Video: When buying their engagement rings for $130, the couple heard store employee say: “how pitiful is that?”…

After meeting one another on the web, Ariel and Quinn McRae quickly fell deeply in love with one another, so Quinn put in a lot of effort to save up enough money to purchase a simple pair of cubic zirconia and sterling silver jewelry.

It made no difference to Ariel in the least as he most essential thing, in her opinion, was to tie the knot with the person she loved and her closest friend. The significance of her rings is one of the reasons she treasures wearing them.

Sadly, not everyone was as encouraging. A rude comment was made by a saleswoman from Pandora when they were in the process of purchasing the rings from the store: “Can any of you believe that some guys really receive these jewels as engagement rings? How pitiful is that?”

When the couple shared their story on Facebook, it didn’t take long for it to become viral throughout the internet.

The comment had a profound impact on Ariel’s then-fiancé as he was unable to provide Ariel with lavish gifts, he started to get concerned that she might change her mind about being married.

She quickly corrected the misunderstanding. Ariel assured the vendor that it did not make a difference whatever size of ring she purchased, and what really matters is the love that exists between a couple.

After Ariel wrote about her experience on her blog, the piece soon gained widespread attention.

Pandora has sent a response, stating that the couple’s encounter with the saleswoman was regrettable and does not represent the principles of the firm.

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