What Blake Shelton Has Said About the Reasons Why He Is Leaving “The Voice…”

It was in October 2022 that Shelton made his first announcement that he would be leaving the program.

He announced his departure from The Voice after the 23rd season in an Instagram post by saying, “I’ve been grappling with this for a long and I’ve decided that it’s time for me to walk away from The Voice after season 23.”

“This show has altered my life in every way for the better, and it will always seem like home to me because of how much it has improved my life,” he said. Shelton has said that when he finishes his last season of NBC’s successful singing competition program in the spring, he will be concentrating on spending time with his wife Gwen Stefani and his stepsons.

“Gwen and I have done so much traveling and touring and work the first half of our life that now we are like, ‘Well, I’m okay to throw my sweatpants on at 6 p.m. and watch Ozark eight times.  For now, that’s our life, and we couldn’t be happier.”

“If I were to give up my job right now, the only thing that could go wrong is that I would come to regret the fact that I’m passing on opportunities to experience things that are more significant in life.

For the time being, they are our children. This has nothing to do with me any more, nor will it ever again, “said Shelton. Shelton said that the program was essential in the advancement of his career, which, according to him, made it first difficult for him to say goodbye.

“My inability to easily let go of that particular issue has been the bottleneck over the years, ihave been present from the very first minute, if not before “he remarked. “It had been ten years since I had began my career as a country musician when I was given the opportunity to compete on “The Voice.”

Just before I started working as a coach, I was never able to really break into the A-level of country performers, the program did a lot more for me than I brought to the table at the time, and it did a lot more than that.

My success in the realm of entertainment has far beyond anything I could have ever imagined I could achieve.

It redirected the course of my professional life. Everything in my life was flipped upside down the moment I was given the opportunity to be a coach on this program “Shelton stated. “And in a nice manner, you know?

This has been an amazing experience, however, as you well know, the time has come to move on. It’s time to move on to what comes after this. It would be good to have a little bit of nothing to do.”

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