When Eddie Murphy found out that Mel B was pregnant with his daughter, he demanded a DNA test, saying, “I Don’t Know Whose Child That Is…”

According to Mel B., Eddie Murphy made the trip to Melanie Brown’s father to ask for her hand in marriage like a “gentleman” in the truest sense of the term. The news that they were going to become parents made the wedding and subsequent pregnancy an even more joyous occasion for the couple.

However, a significant argument that occurred between them led to their breaking up, and Murphy later disputed that Mel B was carrying his kid after they had already parted ways. “He asked my father for permission to ask his daughter to be his wife, and my father granted it.”

He brought my father here by plane and questioned him in a civil manner. He carries himself with dignity, “I felt constrained when we built some rings together, planned our baby, and then got pregnant,” the band member of the Spice Girls remarked in an interview.

In 2006, not long after she got pregnant, they started having problems for the first time, in addition, there were rumors that Mel B and Murphy’s mother Lillian had arguments and various sorts of issues with one another.

When compared to the other guys Mel B had dated in the past, Eddie Murphy stood out as the most caring and romantic of the bunch. However, their dispute centered on her autonomy.

Because of this, they ended up having a fight with each other. And as a direct consequence of this, the singer parted ways with him and boarded the subsequent plane bound for Leeds.

Mel B maintains that she always planned to come back to him, but since she didn’t answer any of his calls while she was gone, he felt that the two of them had dissolved their relationship.

Mel B, who was pregnant at the time, however, overheard Murphy saying something startling about their unborn kid and denying that he was the father while she was gone and didn’t answer any of his calls.

During that time period, Murphy was quoted as saying to a journalist, “I do not know whose kid it is until it comes out and gets a blood test.” When Mel B finally gave birth to their kid, Angel, a DNA test confirmed that Murphy was indeed the biological father of their offspring.

Mel B revealed that the bond between Murphy and their daughter did not begin as she had hoped when they were first a family, but that over the course of time, the father and daughter started to spend more time together.

Angel has been making the trip there once every two weeks for the last two years, and she also goes there whenever she likes, including on vacations and other special occasions.

In addition, Murphy and Mel B have developed a stronger relationship to one another.

After Murphy assisted her in getting through her divorce from her former husband, Stephen Belafonte, the two were able to come back on good terms with one another.

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