When Grandma returned inside after unloading the groceries, her three-month-old grandchild was missing….

After finishing their errands, Baby Brandon and his grandmother came home, where someone took Brandon as his grandma was unloading the groceries.

It was the following day before Brandon was found, but happily, the detective work that was done early on brought about a safe and joyful reunion of mother and son roughly 20 hours after the 3-month-old infant went missing.

A security camera saw an unknown guy entering and exiting the house while carrying an infant car seat that contained Baby Brandon.

The video was uploaded on Twitter by the investigators, who also supplied tip numbers, moreover, they had an interview with Yesenia Ramirez, who is 43 years old and was at first suspected of being a possible witness.

That particular day, Yesenia, whose family also goes to the church that Brandon’s family does, went shopping with Brandon’s grandma and she was also present at the apartment complex when the incident took place.

“In a short amount of time, this turned into a person of interest, and then it became a suspect as there were a few holes in the story that she was telling us to cover up some of the contradictions.

Evidently, our investigators did a fantastic job of bringing up the contradictions in the information that she was providing,” police said.

After finding the infant, the searchers brought him to the hospital to get medical attention. Brandon was examined by medical professionals, and they determined that he was unhurt.

Since his homecoming, the inquiry has uncovered even more distressing evidence, despite the fact that his mother is overjoyed to have her missing 3-month-old son home and safe when he was found.

In point of fact, Yesenia and another man named Jose Portillo, who was also collaborating with her, had attempted to kidnap Brandon on two other times in the past!

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