While waiting in line to pay for groceries,old man cut in line, skipping young person. Upon his arrival at the register, the cashier asked, “He cut you off, and you paid for his groceries.. Why??” The answer will astound you

“While waiting in line to pay for groceries at a 6-foot distance, this man cut in line.” He didn’t seem to realize what he’d done.

He didn’t say anything to the guy he skipped but kept his distance.
When it came time to pay, the man dug into his back pocket and brought out a little notepad. He’d left his wallet at home.

He seemed dissatisfied and humiliated. The individual he had skipped stepped up and informed the cashier that they would take care of his purchases. (Which were simply milk and chocolate chip

He was quite thankful. He graciously thanked them and walked away.

Upon getting to the register, the clerk asked, “He cut you off, and you paid for his items.” Why??”
“I hope that if one day my dad forgets his money, someone will step up and purchase milk and cookies for him,” they said calmly. “With all of the negativity in the world… I felt it would be wonderful to share this moment.”

A small act of compassion may go a long way. “Why not pass it on?”

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