A girl of 9 years old pursues a burglar who is attempting to take her mother’s purse: “I Had to Save My Mom…

After confronting and fleeing the burglar who had taken her mother’s handbag outside of a store in Florida, a valiant little girl of nine years old is being acclaimed as a hero in the state.

At the time of the event on November 2, Journee Nelson and her mother, Danielle Mobley, had just left the Sabor Tropical Supermarket located at 5011 Broadway Ave. after doing their grocery shopping there.

The two people can be seen in the surveillance camera heading up to their vehicle in the parking lot.

A guy wearing a gray sweatshirt, who was subsequently determined to be 29-year-old Demetrius Jackson, stands close to several huge propane tanks in the area. Danielle, who is packing groceries into the vehicle, is startled as he suddenly rushes at her.

Both Demetrius and Danielle battled for control of the handbag as Danielle attempted to fend off Demetrius’s advances.

Journee, who was sitting in the passenger seat at the time, hurriedly climbed out of the vehicle and ran to her mother’s aid. The little girl punched the suspect in the face many times while using a lot of force.

Luckily, onlookers quickly rushed to the scene to assist the woman and her daughter in their struggle against the thief. Demetrius managed to get away, but Journee was not yet through with him.

The fearless young lady sprang to her feet and pursued the boy down the street, all the while her mother followed close behind and yelled for her to turn around.

Journee described how she responded to the terrible situation by saying, “I fought back, I had to rescue my mum.”

Danielle’s handbag was stolen, but the thief managed to get away with it despite the fact that it included a smartphone, wallet, gum, multiple bank cards, forty dollars in cash, and a concealed carry licence.

The perpetrator was apprehended by the police two days after the assault as a direct result of Journee’s activities, which led to a favorable resolution in this situation.

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