A men went to find this woman at her house after her shopping at Walmart as he noticed that…

The realization that one has misplaced their wallet is one event that has the potential to put anybody into an immediate state of fear.

That’s exactly what happened to Debra Crosby while she was shopping at the Walmart in River City in North Jacksonville. She realized her wallet was gone when she was about to pay for her items.

Debra was on her way back to Yulee when she got a notice from her home security camera informing her that there was a visitor at her front door. She asked her stepson to view the surveillance tape, and to her astonishment, it turned out that it was the person who had handed her wallet.

Debra claims that this guy is her “guardian angel” who appeared after she had given up hope of ever finding her wallet again and brought with him some welcome good news.

“I’m like, ‘My God. This individual went above and beyond,'” Debra said “, When I arrive, the wallet, together with the credit cards, and everything else, are all in the correct location.”

In the tape, the Good Samaritan can be heard explaining that he was merely passing by to give her back her things.

This guy had the ability to turn around at any point, but he chose not to. Instead, he tried his best to hand-deliver the wallet to Debra at her residence.

She shared her thoughts by stating, “If he is seeing this, I want him to know that he makes me very proud. I am blessed with three boys of my own, and it is my sincere hope that they will follow in your footsteps.”

Debra disseminated the story on social media and a regional news outlet in the hopes of locating the individual and expressing her gratitude to him for what he had accomplished.

And after a few days had passed, she was surprised to get a phone call from the guy, who introduced himself simply as Johnny. According to what Debra stated, one of his friends saw the article about his nice act and persuaded him to call her.

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