A paramedic attended to a teen in a car accident without realizing it was her dying daughter

“My worst paramedic dread has come true.” Jayme Erickson revealed her terrible experience in a Facebook post.

On November 15, Jayme reacted to an automobile accident in Alberta, Canada, not realizing that the badly injured adolescent girl she was tending to was her own daughter. Montana, her daughter, died in the hospital as a result of her injuries.

She and her buddy and fellow paramedic, Richard Reed, arrived at the scene of a two-vehicle accident. She reported that they discovered two injured patients, “the passenger being trapped and badly hurt.” “I waited in the car and cared for the gravely injured patient, doing anything I could while firemen extricated her.”

Because of her injuries, Jayme spent more than 20 minutes in the cold with the girl, not understanding it was Montana. The girl was transported to Foothills Medical Center Hospital after firefighters released her.

“My shift was over, and I went home,” Jayme said further in her post. “My doorbell rang minutes after I got home.” My life was permanently altered. The RCMP had arrived at my house to notify me that my daughter had been involved in an accident. My own flesh and blood was the gravely injured patient I had just attended to. My sole child My doppelganger. Montana is my daughter. Her injuries were so severe that I didn’t recognize her. “I was escorted to FMC [Foothills Medical Center] to meet my baby girl and was told her injuries were fatal.”

Her daughter was driving home after a dog walk in a provincial park with another person when the car lost control and was hit by an approaching truck. Montana was 17 at the time.

Her family and the community have been crushed by the news. Jayme described her daughter as a “firecracker” who “would love passionately if you were her friend” at a commemoration gathering hosted at an Airdrie Firehall. She loves you to the ends of the earth and back, and she will go to any length for you.

Montana disclosed that she was an organ donor who had saved the lives of two individuals.

Jayme also expressed her tremendous loss in her Facebook message. “I am broken.” “I’m shattered.” “I’m missing a piece of me.” She recommended everyone keep their loved ones near at all times. “Love with all your heart,” she wrote. Keep them near you. Make some memories. “If you’re going to love someone, hang on as long and as hard as you can… ’til you can’t.”

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