A sad war veteran is comforted by a barista at Starbucks, and the encounter ultimately saves his life… Nobody could believe that the DNA…

Vince Villano was a regular patron of the Starbucks located in Dupont, Washington, for a number of years. When he entered the shop in the morning, barista Nicole McNeil would greet him and take his order for a Trenta Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew with full pumps.

She sat down with Vince after her shift was done, and during their conversation, she learned that he was a veteran sergeant who had been afflicted with polycystic kidney disease for more than a decade.

Because his kidneys were deteriorating, he needed to start receiving therapy with dialysis.

He was placed on the transplant list; nevertheless, the likelihood of finding a donor who was a match was quite low. The idea of abandoning his two children, Kanton and Savanna, with no other parent to care for them was very difficult for him to consider.

After she left, Nicole filled her husband, Justin McNeil, in on the news regarding Vince.

To her utter astonishment, Justin quickly extended his kidney donation offer to Vince.

Because Justin was also a veteran of the army, he felt a close connection to Vince and wanted to assist him in any way that he could. The McNeils quickly became good friends with Vince and his family once they started hanging out with both groups.

After finding out via DNA testing that he was a near match to Vince, Justin was unable to bear the thought of his close friend’s health deteriorating. The two guys had the transplant procedure the day after Christmas, and both of them were successful when they came out of it.

Because of Justin’s selflessness, the new kidney was operating well, and the doctors projected that Vince’s life would be extended by an additional 20 years as a result of the transplant.

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