‘A touch of destiny,’ says the daughter who buys the home that her mother cleaned for the previous 43 years…

Nichol Naranjo was able to locate her ideal home at a very young age. When she was a young child, she often visited with her mother, who had previously worked as a maid and still cleans many homes for a livelihood.

As soon as she stepped foot on Pam Key-enormous Linden’s and stunning property, she was overcome with feelings of love for it. The Key-Lindens’ three thousand square foot home seemed like a palace to her when compared to her own family’s home, which was just 90 square feet and had one bathroom.

This magnificent mansion had always been one of her greatest passions, and she referred to it as her “dream home.”

After forty years, she finally decided to purchase it, and now she is able to fulfill one of her early ambitions. The home of Pam Key-Linden was cleaned for the last 43 years by Nichol’s mother, Margaret Gaxiola, who worked there as a cleaner.

It is a mid-century mansion in Ridgecrest that is crammed to the gills with works of art and other trinkets that Key-Linden gathered when she was residing in England.

Nichol Garcia and her sister Monica would assist their mother with various chores, such as emptying wastebaskets, so that their mother could focus on cleaning the house. Garcia recalled being excited about the opportunity to go to the Key-Linden home.

Margaret continued to clean her house after Key-Linden passed away, and she did so until the passing of her second husband one year later. She said her last goodbyes to the home where she had worked as a cleaner for the previous 43 years with a sad heart.

At the same time, Naranjo tied the knot with her crush from high school, and the couple started searching for a place to start a family of their own.

Naranjo purchased the home along with all of the contents, and she is now making modifications so that she may make it seem more like her own personal space.

She couldn’t help but think back on all of the happy times she and her family had spent in the home, and she couldn’t help but remember. “The imprint of my whole family can be seen throughout this home,” Naranjo stated. “It brought up a lot of memories.

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