After 11 years in the foster care system and 15 different homes, a teen could not believe he’d found the family that will be with him for the rest of his life

A young man who had been placed in the foster care system when he was only three years old and had lived in a total of 15 different foster homes is now with the family that will be his forever.

After 11 years of living with various groups of adults, it was no surprise that Alex Madkour, age 13, had given up all hope of ever finding a place to call home permanently.

Because he moved about so often from one family to the next, he was never able to finish even one year at any one school. In addition to this, he had very few to no long-term contacts.

“Trust was a very huge problem, and there was no point in even searching for a family or trying because I believed that I would simply wind up back in a foster home,” he said.”

When Jenny and Stephen Markour, both of whom are attorneys, saw Alex on Jeff Graniola’s Wednesday’s Child episode in 2017, they decided to take him in and spare him from being placed in foster homes over and over again.

Jenny shared her thoughts on Alex by stating, “When we saw Alex and read about him, we were simply like wow, that child is designed for us.”

Jenny and Stephen both shared a worry with the large number of children that were placed in foster care in their neighborhood. Because they had an additional bedroom in their house, they had been debating for some time whether or not they should take in a teenager.

Alex’s caseworker at Boys and Girls Aid informed him in the meanwhile about the couple who expressed interest.

However, after having his heart crushed an excessive number of times, he was hesitant to get his expectations up an excessive amount.

Alex said at the time, “I did not trust what they claimed, it’s not going to work out like this, you people are simply trying to trick me,.”

But things were different this time. Jenny and Stephen just needed one encounter with Alex to see that he had a unique quality. It was difficult for them to deny the connection they had with him.

Jenny said that anybody who had seen the footage of Alex would have witnessed “his fundamental awesomeness coming out in that video.” Alex could not believe that Jenny and Stephen had begun working on the adoption paperwork for him.

He shared his surprise, saying, “I didn’t believe I was going to find a permanent home this nice.”

Alex is claimed to have “jumped in with both feet” when it came to taking care of the animals on the farm that the couple owns and operates in Oregon.

The young man added, “To have these two people in my life who I can trust is a very huge thing because I know it’s going someplace.”

Alex helps out around the farm, and he and Jenny ride together to and from school every day.

It was his first time on skis, and the pair, who are both known for their daring, brought him to Colorado for the experience. He was able to complete a whole academic year at the same institution since he was living in a stable home environment.

Jenny and Stephen want nothing but the best for their adoptive kid, just as any other parent would.

“We want for Alex all that any parent might wish for their children, and we pray that our love and the security of knowing he will always have a place to call home will provide him with the foundation he needs to accomplish all of the wonderful things that are in his heart’s wishes.

From the perspective of where our family is, it’s really been the greatest thing that could have happened,”  Jenny shared her thoughts.

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