After being together for 24 years and living in poverty, a homeless couple is given a stunning wedding makeover and…

The wedding procession is a highly important and meaningful part of a married couple’s life together. It is the most precious moment shared by two individuals, and it performs a variety of important functions.

A wedding ceremony is often a public event, during which the couple being married takes vows affirming their love for one another and their commitment to the sanctity of marriage in the presence of their family and friends.

The vast majority of people tend to make a really big deal out of weddings.

It is a representation of two individuals whose hearts have joined together to become a single entity and who want to spend the rest of their lives together. On the other hand, not everyone, particularly those who are without a house, can afford such a luxury.

Rosalyn Ferrer and her boyfriend, Rommel Basco, are both in their 50s and make their home on the streets of Pampanga in the Philippines.

They have been together for many years. Despite the fact that they had been together for 24 years, they were unable to even manage a modest wedding ceremony due to financial constraints.

Together with their six children, Rommel and Rosalyn endure a difficult existence as a family unit. They barely manage to put away enough money to be able to purchase meals on a consistent basis.

The couple supports themselves by working together to gather rubbish for the purpose of selling it as scrap metal; this brings in just enough money to cover their daily meal expenses.

Sadly, the homeless couple could not afford the other luxuries in life that other people take advantage of, including a beautiful wedding ceremony to bind their eternal love for each other.

The ceremony would have been a beautiful way for them to commit to each other that their love would last forever. The revelation of their story to Richard Strandz, however, brought about a shift in the course of their destiny.

Strandz found motivation in the fact that despite their challenging circumstances, the family managed to remain together. When Strandz found out that Rommel and Rosalyn could not afford to have a wedding, he came up with the idea to recruit the assistance of several pals in order to give them a makeover before their big day.

When the couple found out about the surprise that Strandz had in store for them, it came as no surprise that they were overjoyed.

They did not have any reservations about participating in a photograph that paid homage to the location where the beginning of their love story took place, and they agreed to do so without hesitation.

Rommel and Rosalyn are not yet considered to be legally married as of recent times.

On the other hand, Strandz and his buddies are supporting the couple in completing the appropriate papers for a wedding that will take place in a church. The stunning photographs that came out of their session demonstrate that genuine love can survive even the most trying of circumstances.

The formal wedding is scheduled to take place later on in this year at some point. Best wishes, Rommel and Rosalyn!

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