After one incident, mom whose daughter has autism says, “i feel like i let my kid down”…

A classical ballet performer who also happens to have autism was given admission to the prestigious dancing school of her dreams.

However, after her single mother discovered she could not afford it, she felt her heart break completely.

The autism that Constance Bailey was born with makes it very challenging for her to navigate the world around her.

Bailey needs to process a wide variety of stimuli, including images, sounds, textures, and more, before she can even attempt to have a conversation.

Though, when Constance is dancing—not just any kind of dance, but especially ballet—she feels the most liberated version of herself.

Her mother, Laura, submitted applications to some of the most prominent institutions in the United Kingdom once she started displaying a love for dancing and later began to thrive in the art form.

Constance Bailey was granted admission to the university, but Laura did not have the means to pay the $29,000 annual tuition and fees.

She remarked, “i felt like I had let my kid down horribly.” and went on to explain the difficulty of being a single parent while raising a kid with special needs by creating a page on the fundraising website GoFundMe.

She wished for only a little assistance but had no idea that she would get the equivalent of four times what she need! A significant sum of $123,000 was given to Laura.

Laura said, “Constance hasn’t been able to stop smiling and giggling.

Our emotions are at an all-time high. This is well above any and all of our greatest expectations and now Constance’s life will never be the same thanks to the generosity of others.”

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