After seeing his mother in her wedding dress, an emotional 11-year-old son weeps and says, “I’m very happy for you…”

Mekhi Sheffield was seen walking towards his mother, Sommer Jean, who was getting ready for her wedding ceremony when the cameras caught him breaking down and crying as he approached her.

On January 9, 2023, the video of the small kid and his mother interacting together was uploaded to TikTok and shared by the mother’s hairdresser, Thomas Adrianna.

In May of 2021, the mother met with Jeff Jean and o On Thanksgiving Day in 2022, he made his proposal to her in front of her family and her son. Since the engagement, Sommer revealed in an exclusive interview that her kid has been gradually warming up to the man who would eventually become his stepfather.

For a significant amount of time, Sommer and her son struggled through difficult circumstances together.

After finishing her education, she became a mother all on her own and gave birth to Sheffield, in addition to this, she was involved in a number of relationships that were extremely unstable, and her son was a witness to her anguish for a number of years.

Sheffield said that he had some reservations about developing a strong connection with Jeff due to his mother’s history of dating other men. But then Jeff made an effort to do pleasant activities with him and his mother, even though he wasn’t trying to become close to him in the first place.

On the other hand, Sommer did not exert any undue pressure on her kid and Jeff to get close straight immediately.

She reasoned that the one and only guy worthy of spending the rest of her life with would be the one who would accept her kid as if he were his own. As soon as Jeff made an attempt to spend time with her kid, she realized that she was ready to marry him.

In the video that went viral, Sheffield could no longer contain his emotions as he complimented his mother on how beautiful she looked in her wedding attire.

He then burst into tears. His mother gave him a quick embrace and asked him whether he was sobbing joyful tears, to which Sheffield responded, in between sobs, saying the following to his mother:  “I couldn’t be happier for you!”

Sommer’s mother said that her son was able to keep it together in the minutes before she was required to go down the aisle with him. When he turned around and saw Jeff standing at the front of the chapel, waiting for his wife, he immediately began crying once again.

After spending many years puzzling over the fact that his peers and classmates each had two parents, Sheffield was a young man who yearned to have a family of his own. Now, at long last, he has someone he can properly address as “dad.”

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