After spending several years in foster care, a teen approaches his instructor with the request to adopt him…

Anthony Berry, who was 16 years old and had spent most of life in foster care, did not want to be adopted, though, that is, until he became acquainted with Bennie Berry, his English instructor.

Therefore, the youngster made up her mind to inquire about her when they were both at school one day.

Bennie first assumed he was kidding; but, when he properly presented the scenario to her, she changed her mind. She instructed Anthony to do his task first, and then she would allow him to show her the webpage for adopting a child.

After that, things went along really quickly, and a year after making the adoption request, Anthony was formally recognized as Bennie’s son, and the two are overjoyed to say the least. Anthony is overjoyed to finally have a mother.

Berry is just as excited, as seen by her statement: “I have a boy. I cannot express how thrilled I am as the rest of my life will be spent raising a son.

Anthony said that he wants other children who are in the same situation as him to understand that it is never too late to find a family that would love them forever. He encourages by saying, “Give love a try; there is always someone who will adore you.”

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