Amazing: The twelve-year-old girl amazes Pink with her singing ability when Pink hands her the microphone…

It is not often that people get the opportunity to perform with their favorite artist, so , when Victoria Anthony, then just 12 years old, stated on Twitter in 2018 that she wanted to meet the legendary pop singer Pink and perform at her next event in Vancouver, it seemed like something out of a far-off dream.

Victoria is a musician who trained herself to sing and has been doing so since she was a very little child.

Due to the fact that the young lady is just 12 years old, the quality of her voice makes it hard to believe that she has so much experience working in the music industry. She even has the ability to sing while playing the guitar and keyboard at the same time.

Victoria and her mother were taken aback when they heard that Pink will be performing in Vancouver at the Rogers Arena on May 12th.

The singer Pink halted her performance for a while in the middle of it to ask whether Victoria was in the crowd, so Victoria was able to meet her idol and even perform in front of her, which was a dream come true for her, moreover, her idol was very impressed with her performance.

Her ability to sing live in front of thousands of people while accompanying her favorite pop star was undoubtedly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

After Victoria’s great performance, Pink congratulated her with a warm hug and encouraged her to “Never stop” and  hearing such comments directly from one’s idol was the most motivating experience for a young girl.

Before Pink returned to the stage to continue the performance, she gave Victoria one more thank you and then continued on.

The video on YouTube has been seen by more than 17 million people and has received more than 211,000 favorable impressions.

In the description of her popular video, Victoria said, “My Wish Was Fulfilled!! I was honored that Pink asked me to play in Vancouver alongside her! It’s so incredible that it defies explanation.”

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