Ashley Tisdale Has Posted Some Stunning New Photos of Her Daughter Jupiter, Titled “Life Lately…”

As a new mother, Ashley Tisdale is savoring every priceless moment that life has to offer.

On Monday, the former High School Musical star revealed some of the most endearing moments she has been having with her daughter Jupiter Iris, who will be two years old in March. The High School Musical alum is 37 years old.

“Life lately,” Tisdale captioned the post, which showed off a day at the beach playing with sand toys and observing the surf, a backyard capture of Jupiter running around the grass, and Jupiter cuddling with a furry friend.

On March 23, 2021, Tisdale and her husband, Christopher French, became parents to a daughter named Jupiter Iris French. In 2014, the pair became husband and wife. Tisdale has, during the course of her career, highlighted the need of striking a healthy balance between her many responsibilities, including those of a mom, a wife, and a professional.

“Being a mother and attempting to maintain a healthy work-life balance sometimes leave me feeling exhausted at the end of the day. It is essential to be able to recognize when you have reached your limit and to be able to say to yourself, “I need to take a minute.” I have to go take a shower right now. It’s time for me to go through my nighttime routine.”

In a post that was published not too long ago on her health blog, Frenshe, Tisdale discussed her own experience with alopecia and hair loss, a topic that many people find uncomfortable to talk about.

She went on to say that “a lot of individuals feel ashamed to speak about these concerns, your self-esteem may be negatively impacted by any form of hair loss, but it can be more detrimental if you have the impression that you are the only one going through it. Because there is absolutely no need to be embarrassed about it, I feel that it should be discussed freely.”

Tisdale seems to find that engaging in artistic activities is another way for her to practice self-care.

A month ago, the actress with several talents gave her many admirers a tour of her house after it had been recently remodeled and furnished.

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