Avoid these passwords to keep your accounts safe… Check it out…

If you use the word “password” or the number “123456” as your password, it may seem clear to you that your account is vulnerable to being hacked by anybody. But the reality remains that they are still some of the most regularly used passwords, making it critical to ensure that the passwords you pick are secure and resistant to hacker attacks.

When the organization looked at the password data, they looked at it across 50 different nations and also looked at how passwords differed by gender and culture. People in the United Kingdom, for example, often used passwords such as “liverpool,” which ranked third on the list of most popular passwords in the country.

A significant difference between male and female passwords was that female passwords tended to be more positive, such as “sunshine” or “iloveyou,” whereas male passwords were more negative ones. Sport-themed passwords were most popular among males.

People of both genders picked passwords that were connected to music, but women were more likely to choose alternatives such as “justinbieber” and “onedirection,” while males were more likely to use passwords such as “slipknot” and “metallica.”

Without a doubt, selecting a strong password is quite important in order to keep your information and data protected as selecting an easily guessable password puts you open to data breaches and online security risks.

Hackers utilize brute-force tactics to break weak passwords, which include trying every possible combination of letters, numbers, and symbols until they discover one that works. They also use a technique known as a dictionary attack, in which hackers attempt to guess passwords by attempting all of the most popular words and all of their permutations.

Make sure you use two-factor or multi-factor authentication in order to properly safeguard your data in order to prevent possible security dangers.

Additionally, you may build a strong password by combining three random words or utilizing passwords generated by a computer, and try to use distinct passwords for all of your accounts, and if you need help keeping track of them, a password manager may be of great assistance.

If you discover that one or more of the passwords you’re currently using is on the list of frequently used passwords, it’s imperative that you change them immediately.

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