Both Sean Penn and Robin Wright are now single, and they are spending time together again as a former couple, and as sources claim…

It has been stated that Sean Penn and Robin Wright are keeping their connection purely platonic, despite the fact that there have been speculations circulating that they had reconciled their previous relationship.

According to a source who spoke on Tuesday, “They are both single right now and get along fine.”

An source said that Penn, 62, continues to think of Wright, 56, as the “love of his life,” despite the fact that the two of them may not get back together.

According to the insider who spoke with the publication, “He Regrets Many Things That Happened During Their Marriage.” “Spending time with her has become something that he looks forward to doing now.”

When the exes were recently seen going out together in public, it caused many people to raise their eyebrows.

During the previous week, the two were seen on camera spending time together in Los Angeles, and earlier in this month, both of them were seen traveling together at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

The outing was notable since it was the first time in a substantial amount of time that the two of them were seen together in public.

The former “House of Cards” star was seen at the airport just four months after she and her husband Clément Giraudet had divorced.

In September 2022, after having been married for four years, she submitted a divorce petition to the executive at Saint Laurent.

Meanwhile, Penn and Leila George’s divorce was completed in April of last year, after the couple had been married for just a single year.

They had been together for four years before to being married in July 2020, but George, who was 30 at the time, initiated divorce proceedings in October 2021.

Last year, the actor known for his role in “Mystic River” claimed that he was the one who “messed up” their marriage by stating, “I was a really negligent man.”

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