Demi Moore finally reveals what she actually thinks of Bruce Willis’s current wife…

Bruce Willis is no stranger to having details of his private life made public due to his fame in Hollywood.

His first marriage, to Demi Moore, ended in a highly publicized dissolution of the marriage, however, the two stars have managed to maintain their friendship while still being wonderful co-parents to their three children.

Willis is now married to a model called Emma Heming, and the pair already has two kids of their own together and in addition to this, Willis’ present and past wife get along famously well with one another and continued to show public support for one another.

Moore, Willis, and Heming and their children spent an early portion of the epidemic isolated together in Idaho as this was a fact that mattered a great deal to Rumer. She said, “I think it was just fantastic to be together and have so much time, even though we all live in California and live quite near to each other.”

Rumer added: “Just to be able to actually spend quality time with my sisters, my mom, and their significant others, as well as my younger sisters, my father, and my step-mother,” she said. ”

The blended family has shown how wonderful they are to the world by posting several images of themselves together on social media over the course of several years.

Moore made a post on March 9, 2021, in recognition of International Women’s Day, in which she paid tribute to two influential women in her life: the actress Soleil Moonfrye and Heming: “i see her as a member of my own family who I am privileged to be able to call a friend.

On this wacky journey through life, we are moms banded together, sisters firmly bound. Emma is a beautiful lady who is completely devoted to her family. She is also a stunning mother, and now she can add business entrepreneur to her list of accomplishments…. “.

The next day, August 1, 2021, both Heming and Moore posted an identical photograph of their girls on their own Instagram profiles.

Moore wrote her image with the phrase “Love their particular friendship,” while Heming posted hers with the phrase “Sisterhood is such a lovely thing.”

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