Denzel Washington jokingly claims that the secret to his 30-year marriage is “keeping his mouth shut”…

The lovebirds Denzel Washington and Pauletta Pearson first crossed paths in 1977 when they both were working on the set of the television program Wilma.

The rapid development of their casual acquaintance into a close friendship is something that both parties credit with contributing to the durability of their relationship.

Denzel and Pauletta exchanged their wedding vows on June 25, 1983, and ever since that day, they have remained faithful to one another by maintaining their union as husband and wife.

Denzel made the following observation some time ago: “I don’t know whether show business has a monopoly on divorce, I simply believe that you need to put some effort into it as it involves making a commitment.

You have to put in some effort since the honeymoon phase doesn’t last forever and there are challenges ahead.”

Denzel has quipped in a previous interview that the reason his marriage has lasted this long is because he has learned how to shut up and always do what it is that his wife wants of him. This is one of the many reasons why his marriage has been successful.

“While I was away providing for them, she was the one who took the children to school”.

Washington’s upbringing and his parents; divorce provided him with the motivation to be a better partner in his own relationships as well as the insight that communication is the most important factor in maintaining healthy partnerships.

“What immediately comes to mind is safety, nourishment, and a lovely place to call home, there is actually a significant gap between owning a property and being able to call something “home.”

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