Despite being homeless, a man was seen throwing a birthday party for his dogs, and his neighbors took action to help him…

The moment when a bystander captured and posted an adorable interaction between Choko José Luis Matos and his dogs was the impetus for a significant shift in Choko’s life.

The behavior of human beings is not only evaluated based on how we interact with one another, but also on how we behave with any other species that is defenseless.

When some nearby residents saw the manner in which a homeless guy was caring for a pack of strays, they were moved to compassion for him. What followed is a series of events that can only be described as amazing.

When Choko José Luis Matos was living on the streets in Bucaramanga, Colombia, he was seen by a stranger in a nearby park. This stranger offered Choko a place to stay. The bystander was moved to tears by what he witnessed, so he decided to video it.

Choko was seen by the onlooker donning party hats beside her two dogs as she was seated on some concrete stairs. Choko took a bite of a cake that was hiding inside a plastic bag. He celebrated his beloved pets’ birthday by clapping his hands, singing “Happy Birthday,” and petting them.

While his dogs watched him, he gave one peck on the cheek to each of them before lighting the two candles that were on the cake. After that, he took paper plates and served a piece of cake to each of his dogs individually.

Choko brushed away tears from his eyes and continued to touch his dogs as they were all eating together.

The onlooker was moved to approach Choko after seeing the enjoyable birthday celebration, and he inquired about Choko’s canine companions. He found out that Choko’s dogs were named Shaggy and Nena, and that the three of them were celebrating Shaggy’s birthday.

He found out that Choko had run away from a violent household and had been living on the streets for the previous several years. Even though Choko had no house of his own, he made sure that Shaggy and Nena were well taken care of by doing anything he could for them as they were his sole family.

The generous passerby wanted to lend a hand, so he uploaded a video of Shaggy’s birthday celebration to social media and asked his friends to see if any of them had any extra food or supplies they could contribute, then urged them to bring them to the park.

After going viral, the video transformed the park into a hub for those who are passionate about animals.

Someone presented him with a phone and pushed him to create his own Instagram profile. Because of this, Choko now has more than 175,000 followers as of today.

Choko’s life was revolutionized when neighbors offered their assistance in his search for a place to reside with Shaggy and Nena.

Choko is now well-liked at the neighborhood church, where he also volunteers his time and assists with the rescue of animals who are found living on the street. His hope is that one day he would be able to lend his voice to the cause of rescuing abandoned canines.

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