Emotional Video: A Best Man speech delivered by the groom’s brother with autism brings a number of the wedding guests to tears…

At the reception for Madison and Jonah Waldron’s wedding, the groom’s brother, who deals with autism, took up the microphone and delivered the most heartfelt and moving speech. Not a single person in the room was able to keep a dry eye!

Sam Waldron, age 23, has autism and finds it challenging to interact with others in social settings such as weddings. However, when it came time for him to deliver the speech that was traditionally given by the best man, he spoke from the bottom of his heart.

After boastfully announcing that he was the “best man to the best brother,” Sam went on to claim that Jonah is his best friend and hero.

As soon as the groom’s brother starts his speech, Jonah is overcome with feelings of joy and happiness.

However, the situation gets even more emotional when the brother of the groom expresses his thoughts and sentiments.

Sam does a fantastic job of mixing comedy into his presentation, which leads to a great deal of real laughter and applause from the audience.

However, tears and joy are mixed together as he gives an enthusiastic welcome to his new sister-in-law, highlighting all of the traits that he and his family appreciate in her.

As the emphasis of the groom’s brother’s speech changes to Jonah, the brother notices that the tears have begun to flow anew. Sam goes into additional depth about the reasons why Jonah is his idol.

“Even though I am your younger sibling, you have never treated me differently because of my age.

You assisted me in standing and maintained a watchful look out for me. You constantly reminded me that being unique is an asset, not a problem.  You were, and still are, patient, and kind.  You take me totally and completely as I am.”

It is incredibly uplifting to see the brotherly love that exists between these two.

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