Every day at the bus stop, the older brother embarrasses the younger one…

What started off as just a method for Noah to embarrass his younger brother transformed into memories that both of them will remember for the rest of their lives.

The time that Noah, who is a senior in high school, arrives home is earlier than that of his younger brother, Max.

He made the decision to have a little bit of fun by amusing him by dressing up in a variety of ludicrous outfits in order to welcome Max home from school.

Because of the fortunate circumstance that the stop where Max gets off the school bus each day is just in front of the house where the family lives, Noah was able to pull out his practical joke with relative ease.

The first few outfits Noah wore were made from of things he found lying around the home.

Soon enough, he had friends donating him some, and once the footage of the “Bus Brothers” began to be shared more widely on social media, Noah started getting costumes given from all over the globe!

Max first felt a great deal of embarrassment, but now that his older brother will soon be leaving for college, Max will miss the humorous times the two of them had together recorded by their mom.

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