Grandma and her grandchild were having a lunch and were completely clueless to the fact that a wonderful surprise was on their way…

An Arizona grandmother and her grandson were the beneficiaries of an act of charitable goodwill when two people they did not know paid for their meal as they were out on a dinner date with each other.

Gretchen Caiazzo and her grandson Cole, who was 14 years old at the time, were having dinner together in Chandler, Arizona.

They were having a nice time but were completely clueless to the fact that a wonderful surprise was on their way.

A couple was paying attention to the tender moments that they were creating by eating together and remembering the past as they were enjoying their meal. Memories that they, particularly Cole, would be thinking back on for a very long time to come.

When it came time for them to pay for the lunch, they were unprepared. Gretchen was told by the server that a couple had paid for their supper, and the server also brought her a letter that had been left by the pair.

It was stated on the message, “We loved watching your wonderful date. It sparked a conversation on how much we yearn for the moments we spent with our own grandparents. This moment has so much value. I really like the fact that you two are creating memories together. Have fun with one another. May God bless you – Vernon and Christine.”

Adam, Cole’s dad, shared a photo of the card on social media along with his excitement and thankfulness, writing in the caption, “Random acts of kindness astound me!!! I am very thankful that there is still compassion and beauty in our world, even on those days when it seems like it would be impossible to discover!

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