“Husbands in training”… You will never guess who was tutoring the course for these men…

TikTok user revealed how his mother organized a program for him and his two older siblings called “Husbands in Training.” In his words, “It was a comprehensive, multi-level program on how to be a better spouse.”

In addition to subjects such as courtesy and eating, Weaver says the course included some awkward conversations about other matters.

Additionally, his mother emphasized the need of paying attention to women and recognizing when another male may be causing them problems.

Douglas noted that the program had “a great deal of very wonderful things  “like what to do if your spouse says anything and the information they provide is incorrect were covered.

What to do if they say something incorrectly in public vs in private, when it is proper to reprimand them, and when it is not.

“We spoke about consent, we talked about the fundamentals of respecting and honoring women, we talked about listening to women, and we talked about all of the things that really just make you a good human being,” Doug said.

It was such a compelling set of teachings that even Weaver’s father chose to enroll in the course.

Many of the lessons Weaver and his siblings were learning from their mother were ones that Weaver himself had never learned growing up.

He then decided that he also wanted to participate in the ‘Husbands in Training’ program.

When Weaver and his brothers tied the knot, the course came to an official close.

As he said in his TikTok video, “my mother even produced certificates of completion that she signed and delivered to each of us on our wedding day.”

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