Jennifer Nettles’ version of “Hello Again” will give you goosebumps

She is the seductive silky voice in the popular group Sugarland, while he is the gruff baritone who has 38 Top 10 songs and has sold over 100 million albums worldwide. And she’s paying tribute to him tonight.

Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland has been invited to perform at the Kennedy Center Honors in honor of Neil Diamond. “Hello Again,” one of Diamond’s most poignant songs, was delivered by Nettles.

The Kennedy Center Honors are an annual event that honors American performing artists for their contributions to American culture during their careers.

It was a star-studded night that culminated when Jennifer Nettles took the stage.

Growing up in small-town Douglas, Georgia, Jennifer Nettles began performing at school assemblies and her Baptist church. She came to international prominence when she formed Sugarland with Kristen Hall and Kristina Bush.

Sugarland was created in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2002 and has since released three albums, fifteen of which have charted on the Billboard Hot Country Songs list.

Neil Diamond is a global icon and one of the best-selling musicians of all time. He has ten Hot 100 and Adult Contemporary number-one hits to his credit.

Diamond made his acting debut in “The Jazz Singer” in 1980. The movie is based on the same-named play by Samson Raphaelson, and it has a lot of songs by Neil Diamond.

Diamond sings “Hello Again” during one touching scene in the film. The song was a smash, peaking at number six on the Billboard Hot 100 and third on the Adult Contemporary charts.
Jennifer Nettles walked out in front of the crowd at the Kennedy Center Honors and gave an impassioned performance of the song.

You can tell how much it impacts Nettles as she revs her amazing voice in this song. She puts so much heart into the song and gives Diamond the honor of a lifetime.

Diamond is clearly moved by Nettles’ performance in the audience. It’s remarkable to see how much it matters to him and how much her performance affects him. His eyes sparkle as he fights back tears.

Many individuals in the crowd are moved by Nettles’ moving tribute.
“Good day, dear friend.” Hello. I just called to inform you. Every night, I think of you. I know it’s late, but I couldn’t wait any longer. Hello.”

It’s a thrill to see this kind of devotion. If you’re a Neil Diamond fan, then witnessing his reaction to Nettles’ performance is just what you’re hoping for.

Nettles closes the song by kissing Diamond. The night when Diamond received the Kennedy Center Honor was one of the greatest tributes. He’ll never forget that night.

Take a look at the video below to get a peek at a night Neil Diamond will never forget. Being recognized for his contributions to American culture and having Jennifer Nettles play a lovely rendition of his song is simply the frosting on the cake. It’s exciting to revisit and be a part of this breathtaking occasion.

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