Just watch the reaction of the delivery man when he discovers that a family has left some treats for him on their doorstep…

Giving to others throughout the Christmas season is something that Kathy Ouma has made a habit over the last four or five years. During this very busy time of year, Kathy ensures that the delivery people who bring her items have access to a variety of drinks and snacks by placing them at her front door.

Karim Reed III, who has worked for Amazon for the last three months, was given the responsibility of delivering a delivery to Kathy one day. Once he arrived to her residence in Middletown, Delaware, he pulled up in front of it and parked his vehicle.

He proceeded to do what he did every time, which was to go up the driveway with the parcel under his arm and drop it off at the front door.

However, what he believed to be a routine delivery duty turned out to be something that would bring him just what he needed on that particular day. While he was placing the box on one of the seats on the porch, his attention was drawn to the chair on the other side of the space.

It was there that he saw a basket with bottles of water, soft drinks in cans, Oreos, and crackers. After reading the letter that was included, the person who was delivering the packages was overjoyed.

A sign said, “Please take some snacks to enjoy on your trip. Thank you for making it so simple to buy for the holidays.” He reacted by exclaiming, “Oh, this is great! Some tasty treats. Wow.”

“Get out of this place!” Karim said as he rummaged through the snacks basket looking for anything to grab. “I like this very much. This is wonderful to hear.”

The doorbell camera at Kathy’s house provided a front-row view of Karim performing a joyful dance as he headed back to his vehicle. Karim and Kathy were able to provide one another with just what it was that they needed on that particular day in a manner that none of them could have predicted.

“I heard his contagious enthusiasm outdoors,” she said. Karim, on the other hand, didn’t remember to bring his lunch with him to work that day. As the day wore on, he began to experience some pangs of hunger, so it was only natural for him to be overjoyed when he saw that Kathy had left some treats on her doorstep.

Kathy has been getting comments from individuals in Amsterdam, London, and Australia who have followed her example and placed out drinks and snacks for their delivery workers since since Karim’s joyful dancing routines had gone global.

She said, “I was simply raised in this manner. Not only can you affect the energy of the individuals around you, but you can shift the energy of the whole globe.”

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