Moment this woman discovers she has been awarded £10,000 every month for the next 30 years…

A total of six numbers were correctly matched in the Set For Life draw in March 2021, resulting in the couple receiving a whopping £10,000 every month for the next 30 years. Laura Hoyle, 40, and Kirk Stevens, 38, were the lucky winners.

The money coming in every month allowed Laura to “immediately” leave her work and begin doing things she “wouldn’t have been able to do” otherwise, such as researching paranormal occurrences, using the money she had earned.

Laura and Kirk videotape their investigations, with Laura then devoting additional time to editing the material they captured.

“I’m becoming better and better at editing, and one of our films was recently selected as one of the best ghost hunting YouTube videos of the week by a well-known ghost hunting YouTuber. It’s almost as if I’m being paid to do video editing for the next 30 years,” she remarked of the arrangement.

Using their winnings, Laura and Kirk have been able to cross something off their ‘big wish list item’ – visiting the National Justice Museum in Nottingham after hours to inspect the structure.

Laura remarked, “I feel completely at ease with everything right now… We are moving into a new home this month, and it is a stress-free experience for me since I am no longer employed.”

Despite the fact that Laura has opted to leave her day job immediately, Kirk intends to utilize his engineering and construction abilities to launch a new firm that will manufacture ‘paranormal research items.’

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