Nia Long claims that she was told that she looked “too old” next to Drew Barrymore when they were casting her for the role on Charlie’s Angels…

Nia Long is disputing what she calls “the biggest fattest myth,” which is that she turned down a job in Charlie’s Angels. She is also revealing the true reason why she did not co-star with Drew Barrymore in the action film that was released in 2000.

Long, who is 52 years old, refuted a rumor that she turned down a leading role in Charlie’s Angels in order to film Martin Lawrence’s Big Momma’s House during a recent interview that was published on Friday.

According to statements made by Long to the source, “Charlie’s Angels indicated they did not want me because they thought I looked too sophisticated and too old next to Drew Barrymore.”

The actor continued, saying, “But listen, I think Lucy Liu was amazing in that part.

After I had finished what I was doing, I went back and looked at it again, and all I could think was, “Whoa, she’s really doing some stunts.” I’m not sure whether I was prepared to deal with it at all.”

She continued by saying that she did not regret missing the chance since “you can’t do everything” and “every opportunity isn’t for you.” “And, I believe it was definitely more enjoyable for me to be a part of Big Momma’s House.”

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