Ron Masak from “Murder, She Wrote” died surrounded by his six children

Ron Masak was an American actor who achieved success in the entertainment business through hard work and dedication. Throughout his six-decade career in the film industry, the Hollywood icon appeared in several films.

“Police Story,” “Bewitched,” “Webster,” “The Flying Nun,” “Get Smart,” “I Dream of Jeannie,” and many more are examples of such shows. Masak has been in a lot of movies, but he is best known for one particular role.

Fans of the 1980s CBS program “Murder, She Wrote” may remember the Hollywood actor as Cabot Cove Sheriff Mort Metzger. He appeared in films alongside Tom Bosley, John Astin, Herb Edelman, and many more renowned actors.

Masak entered the drama during the fifth season and remained a recurrent character for several years, appearing in 41 episodes before the show concluded in 1996.

Masak died at the age of 86, around 26 years after “Murder, She Wrote” finished. According to the actor’s granddaughter, Kaylie Defilippis, he died on October 20, 2022, of natural causes in a hospital in Thousand Oaks, California.

He was survived by Kay, his wife, whom he married in September 1961; six children, Tammy, Debbie, Christine, Michael, Robert, and Kathryn; 10 grandchildren; and two relatives. Masak’s death comes just a few days after the death of his “Murder, She Wrote” co-star Angela Lansbury.

Inside Angela Lansbury’s Biography
Lansbury was a renowned and acclaimed actress on stage, screen, and television. She had an interesting career in show business that lasted about 75 years.

In a previous interview, the actress stated that she wished she had spent more time with her family and less time creating movies when she was a new mother.

Sadly, the movie actor died lately after serving as a mentor and inspiration for many years. Lansbury died in her sleep at her Los Angeles home on October 11, 2022, five days before her 97th birthday. Her family announced the Oscar-nominated actress’s death in a statement that read:

“Dame Angela Lansbury’s children are saddened to learn that their mother died quietly in her sleep at home in Los Angeles.”

Her three children, Anthony, Deidre, and David; three grandchildren, Peter, Katherine, and Ian; five great-grandchildren; and her brother, Edgar, survive her. Lansbury’s friends, family, and fans will miss her very much. They loved seeing how well she played her roles on TV.

Speaking of the latter, the actress rose to prominence as the star of one of television’s most successful shows, “Murder, She Wrote.” Following that, she landed several parts and received numerous award nominations. Lansbury established herself as one of Hollywood’s most recognizable stars throughout time.

However, the starlet was more than just an actress. Lansbury was also a caring mother. She was married to actor and producer Peter Shaw for 53 years until he died in 2003.

The couple married in 1949 and had their son, Anthony, three years later. Deidre joined the family the next year. Balancing work and family life was difficult for Lansbury. She spent a lot of time creating movies, something she wishes she hadn’t done.

In a previous interview, the actress stated that she wished she had spent more time with her family and less time creating movies when she was a new mother. Lansbury, on the other hand, was able to be more present once she and her family relocated to County Cork, Ireland, in 1971.

The actress stated that she and Shaw concluded that their children, particularly Anthony, were connected with narcotics. Despite the fact that the cause of the move was not ideal, Lansbury stated that it was one of the finest moves she had ever made. She went on to say (via People):

“It was one of the last drug-free zones on the planet.” It was also my spiritual home. I purchased an old stone home on 20 acres of property that had been constructed in 1825 for a vicar. There were 300-year-old elm trees, a river in the back, and exquisite Victorian gardens all around.

Lansbury went on to say that she relived all of her childhood dreams in Ireland. Every season, she and Irish country music singer Paddy O’Brien, according to the actress, created fresh gardens.

Lansbury also enjoyed lengthy excursions in the countryside with her children. Overall, it was a fantastic experience that made Lansbury consider quitting her job.

However, eight years after their relocation, Anthony’s health improved, and the couple sold their property in Ireland. Lansbury also returned to make films in the United States, including “Murder, She Wrote.”

Details about “Murder, She Wrote” that are worth noting
According to sources, fans may now spend a day at the Blair House Bread & Breakfast, which served as the façade of Jessica Fletcher’s home in “Murder, She Wrote.”

The charming small house in Mendocino Village, Northern California, was built in 1888 and has charming features such as a garden and a picket fence.

The Blair House Inn has three suites: Lansbury’s (Jessica Fletcher’s), Jennifer Warren’s (Cynthia Olsen’s), and Eric Allan Kramer’s (Gunnar Tilstrom’s), which cost $250–275, $200–225, and $200–225 a night, respectively. Aside from the discovery of the Blair House bread and breakfast, there are several more intriguing facts regarding “Murder, She Wrote.”

First and foremost, the drama was based on the 1961 film “Murder, She Said.” In addition, the port of Fletcher’s village in the series, Cabot Cove, is at Universal Studios’ Jaws Lake.

Overall, “Murder, She Wrote” will always be remembered as one of Hollywood’s finest crime dramas, starring two of the industry’s best actors, Angela Lansbury and John Masak.

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