Sir David Attenborough responds to a four-year-old boy who asked if people will eventually become extinct in their own species…

When little Otis asked his mother the bedtime riddle whether or not humans would ever go extinct as dinosaurs did, she was “taken aback,” and thought that they should write to a guy who is at least well suited to take a try at it: Sir David Attenborough.

Because the naturalist and TV presenter, who is 94 years old, has devoted his whole life to researching the natural world, paying special attention to animals, dinosaurs, and people.

His mom, Gerry, said: “I responded that I did not know the answer, but I really hoped that wasn’t the case. I then proceeded to educate him about climate change and the need of taking care of our world.

We also discussed the work that many incredible individuals, such as Sir David and Greta Thunberg, are doing to ensure that people are taking action to make a change in the world.”

The next day, they sat down and composed a letter, which included a card and a drawing of a dinosaur, and then they sent it off.

A little while later, much to their surprise, a handwritten note addressed to them had been sent on their doorstep; it was Sir Dave’s response to Otis’ inquiry.

In his article, Attenborough said, “The answer is that we do not have to do so as long as we take after our planet in the appropriate manner.”

After that, Gerry said: “The fact that a 94-year-old conservationist, who has spent his life working to save the planet, is exchanging letters with a four-and-a-half-year-old, who is just at the very beginning of his journey to understand the impact of climate change and our behavior on the planet, is something that is really special and poignant. ”

Otis was obviously pleased to get a letter back, even if he does not yet really understand the value of what it says.

Gerry added: “When I read the letter to him this morning, his adorable little face lighted up with excitement.

Although he is aware of who Sir David is and that he is unique, I believe that he will need to be a little bit older before he can really comprehend the importance of the situation.”

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