“Sorry, they don’t allow me to do that”- this is what royals say when they are asked to…

The Royals are often seen at public events where they are surrounded by admirers, so the royal family will have to contact with a large number of strangers, the majority of whom will give them undesired embraces or handshakes.

Of course, royals are unable to welcome everyone they encounter, and they may want to avoid exposing themselves to germs if at all possible. Female members of the royal family are encouraged to carry a clutch so that both hands look ingeniously occupied.

Queen is the one to set the tone for the party by dictating the rules of conduct and how much food is served to attendees. Visitors at her dining table can only begin eating once she has done so and must finish when she does as well.

The queen also uses her purse to communicate with her entourage throughout meal, for example, if  the queen lays her luggage on the table, she expects the gathering to be over in five minutes or less.

If she puts the bag on the floor, it indicates that the queen is dissatisfied with her company and wishes for servants to interfere.

If you’re looking to get a royal signature, this one should come as a huge disappointment to you as  the royal family is prohibited from giving out their autographs, and this restriction is in place to protect them from forgery and identity theft.

“Sorry, they don’t allow me to do that,” the Prince of Wales is known to say to members of the public who approach him and ask for his signature.

When it comes to politics, the royal family is well-known for being impartial. Despite the fact that there is no British legislation prohibiting them from participating in elections, they choose to abstain from doing their civic duty.

Wearing bright colors is also very important for the queen as she repeats her favorite slogan, “You have to be seen in order to believe,”

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