The class of 2022 was devastated as it owed $ 300.000 to the college and then this happened at the graduation…

The students that graduated last week from a college in Texas took home not just their degrees but also unexpectedly empty bank accounts because of generosity of an unknown benefactor.

More than one hundred students who had gathered at Wiley College for the 133rd graduation ceremony were taken aback when President and CEO Dr. Herman J. Felton, Jr. announced that their remaining financial obligations had been satisfied.

Some graduates and parents in the crowd in Marshall, Texas, were particularly delighted to hear the news since the recent epidemic had made it more difficult for some students to pay down their loans.

According to Felton, “Our commitment to our kids continues beyond the period that they are enrolled and we would want to extend our gratitude to this benefactor who wishes to remain nameless so that they may help the students pay off their bills.”

At the historically black institution, it was anticipated that the class of 2022 will collectively owe a total of $300,000.

The tuition at Wiley College, which places an emphasis on service to others and leadership, has been dropped to $17,500 in recent years to cover all associated fees as well as housing and board costs.

“Go forth Inspired” has never been a more apt slogan for the institution than it is right now.

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