The Korean mom, 52, appears to be younger than her daughter. What is her secret?

Take a hard look at this young lady; what age will you assign to her? 23-25?

However, she is an adult woman who has reached the age of 52.

What exactly is it?

A lot of work on yourself, or is it the work of experienced surgeons?

In fact, Lee Su Jin willingly shares her beauty secrets.

And no, we are not talking about operations at all, but about very simple three rules of life.

First, a healthy and restful sleep of at least 8 hours a day, proper and high-quality nutrition, and an active lifestyle – sports, walking – are all essential.

Second, you must always think optimistically, grow, and be interested in life.

Third, you should take care of your skin every day with cosmetics that fit you.

Of course, Li Su attracts attention to herself, many admire the beauty of the woman, while the rest express their indignation, they say, she has done a lot of operations, what is beautiful here?

It got to the point that many, after studying the old pictures of Lee Su Jin, began to study all the clients of plastic clinics in Korea.

It was then discovered that the Korean woman had not performed any procedures.

Our heroine has a daughter who, according to the internet, appears to be older than her mother.

So, is it a phenomenon or proper, high-quality care? It will most likely become clearer when the woman reaches the age of 70, at which point everything will be crystal clear.

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