The teen employee of Kroger goes into his own pocket to assist an elderly in paying for his goods, though the money he had were for…

This young person who works at Kroger is of the opinion that we should always be prepared to assist one another. And just lately, he had the opportunity to accomplish that very thing.

Teo Jordan was working at the grocery store as a bagger when he overheard a cashier advising an elderly shopper that he needed to put some of his items back in the cart. The reason for this is because he did not have the funds to pay for all of them.

The young guy, who was just 18, could not simply stand there and see the older man return some of his belongings. As a result, he promised to pay for the extra by taking $35 out of his own wallet and doing so.

The high school student had been working at the Kroger in Covington, Kentucky for just a few short weeks at the time of the incident.

He took the job to  contribute financially to his family and put money down for a new vehicle, however, Teo was able to find it in his heart to prioritize the need of others before his own.

Concerning his good action, he said that the most important thing is to show sympathy for other people.

“Simply treat other people the way you would want to be treated, and always be there to assist others if they need your assistance,” His mother, Stephanie Burton, is bursting with pride because her son has taken to heart the teachings she gave him when he was younger.

“You try to impart right and wrong in your kids, but you don’t know whether they realize it, so I’m pleased of him,” the mother said.

Teo now attends Holmes High School and competes for the school’s basketball team. He is considering applying to the University of Kentucky with the hopes of majoring in marketing there.

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