The young man who was always getting in trouble for doodling in class has signed a contract with Nike…

Do you remember the young man who was often in trouble for doodling while the teacher was speaking?

When a small restaurant in Joe Whale’s hometown of Shrewsbury, England, United Kingdom, recruited him to adorn their dining area, the young artist quickly gained a following on social media and became known as “The Doodle Boy.”

Since that time, the young artist has collaborated with a number of companies and launched his own website, through which he offers a variety of products.

According to Joe’s management, he just acquired a contract to work with Nike as a co-creator, which may turn out to be the most lucrative arrangement he has ever secured.

They did say that he would be illustrating “on certain special projects,” but the firm has not yet disclosed the specifics of what he would be working on for the company.

The news of Joe’s partnership with the global leader in sportswear has brought joy to his whole family.

He said, “This has been one of my aspirations for a long time.  Nike is such a huge company, and they have a ton of exciting things planned for the near future that I’m really looking forward to.

I simply keep repeating to myself, “doodle, doodle, doodle,” which means “do what you love,” and it gives out a really positive vibe. I have a lot of reason to be pleased with myself.”

When Joe was just six years old, he first began drawing. Because he was getting into so much trouble at school for sketching during class, his parents decided to enroll him in an art club that met after school.

After his art instructor began publishing his drawings on Instagram, his work quickly acquired notice online and was shared widely.

Because of the fantastic graphics he posts on Instagram, Joe now has more than 135,000 people following him there. But that’s not the end of it. In December of the previous year, Joe had a one-man painting show at the Soden Collection, which is an art gallery located in his hometown.

Because he drew an image of Prince William and Duchess Catherine’s royal train excursion in December 2020, his artwork has also been praised by none other than the royal couple.

The pair praised Joe and urged him to continue following his hobbies in the accompanying tweet, which they sent to the official account they share together on Twitter.

“At any given moment, you may find me sketching, painting, or working on a craft project, and that hasn’t changed much over the years.

My environment serves as a source of creativity for me, and the people, places, and things that I see serve as the basis for the characters that I draw.”

There is one rule that Joe never deviates from while he is working on his drawings, and that rule is “There is no right or wrong in art, only interpretation.”

Later on in this year, Joe plans to publish his first book, which will be a children’s fiction story called Game of Scones.

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