“This is entirely a new one for us”: Pilot has to turn the plane around and return to airport, as one passenger forgot one little thing there…

Long stretches of time spent in the queue at the airport may be draining. It’s imperative that passengers double-check their luggage before boarding due to high volume of people rushing to make their flights, lengthy lineups; but what about children?

Clearly, this is something that happens only in movies like with The McAllisters in “Home Alone”.

That’s precisely what a mother who was clearly forgetful did. Just as the aircraft was about to take off, she discovered that her baby was still at the airport terminal.

She had to convince the captain to turn the plane around as it was supposed to be a 8 hour long flight.

The pilot sought permission to return to the airport because he was worried about a youngster who had been left alone at a large airport.

“Poor thing, a passenger left her child alone in the waiting room,” is what he says to the operators while asking to return to the airport.

It took the operators a few minutes to realize what they were hearing and announce, “This is entirely a new one for us” before allowing the pilot to land.

A little while later, the mother and kid were reunited. The unlucky youngster was left alone with no one knowing what had happened.

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